Cornea Aviation Systems Industry and Trade Inc. is a joint venture founded in 2018 by Turkish Technic and Havelsan producing entertainment and internet service systems for use in maritime, rail systems and air travels. Cornea offer customers fast and quality service for other software subsystems (including spare parts) within civil aviation field in matters of design, production, repair, maintenance, marketing, sales and after purchase services.

With its headquarters located in Turkish Technic Sabiha Gokcen facilities, Cornea continues activities at this location.

Cornea with the intent of turning standard flights into a more entertaining and effective experience offer a wide range of products.
Here are some of the products Cornea has the capability to produce amounts many in-flight entertainment systems:


To be among the top 3 companies in the world by offering technology and products in the field of cabin entertainment systems.


- Provide quality products and services in the field of cabin entertainment systems
- Passenger safety in transportation systems
- If you can reach the customer through nationalization and localization works for our country, adjust the external dependency by offering fast speed.
- Providing high added value marketing products